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Thomas Cantrell, Administrative Trial Advocate
Shanelle Boyd, J.D., Administrative Trial Advocate
Barry Moniak, Administrative Trial Advocate

Lorin Blauer, Attorney at Law, Senior Legal Counsel
Jeff Vanek, Attorney at Law, HR Law Specialist

Su Boddie, Case Manager / Finance
María Ramirez, Hispanic Cultural Advisor
Kathie Leany, Corporate Presentation Coordinator

Consulting Attorneys

We work with dedicated and talented attorneys and great law firms.
Here are just a few we have worked with directly – most of them for many years.

If you desire their services, you may call us; or contact them directly.

Devin Bybee – Smith Hartvigson – 1-801-413-1600
James Stewart – Smith Hartvigson – 1-801-413-1600
K. Dawn Atkin – Atkin and Associates – 1-801-521-2552
Steven Cook – Steven R. Cook, Attorney at Law – 1-801-485-4017
Kirk Bennett – Kirk Bennett, Attorney at Law – PC – 1-801-566-9309
Jeff Vanek – Employment Attorney / HR Professional – 1-385-202-6048
Vince Rampton – Jones Waldo Holbrook and McDonough – 1-801-521-3200

Attorney Testimonials

Administrative Trial Advocate, Thomas Cantrell, is simply the best at what he does. You will appreciate his team’s administrative law expertise in unemployment insurance matters and related employment issues. Their training is outstanding. I have referred clients to them over the past thirty years and he has never lost a case.
~ Steven R. Cook, Attorney at Law ~ 1-801-485-4017


Thomas Cantrell and his team are likely the best there is with regard to unemployment insurance appeals. Thomas is a friend and a mentor. He has a keen fundamental sense of what works and what does not, particularly with regard to defending or prosecuting adverse employment actions and appeals. He is expert in dealing with related administrative matters, such as conflict management, discipline, discrimination issues; and creating effective, legally sound performance management processes that not only enhance productivity but also make it easier for attorneys to represent their clients.
~ Devin Bybee, Attorney at Law ~ 1-801-413-1600


For almost three decades I have referred all of my clients’ unemployment insurance matters to Thomas Cantrell and his administrative defense team. They always win – and return to us a well-developed administrative case file should we need to represent that client further. Thomas and his team are also skilled at designing performance management processes that make it easier to manage conflict and productivity and for attorneys to defend their corporate clients when the need arises.
~ James Stewart, Attorney at Law ~ 1-801-413-1600


Thomas Cantrell and his team won a case that saved my client approximately $20,000 in unemployment insurance benefit costs, and prevented an additional $50,000 in settlement and legal costs. $70,000 is a significant amount for a small employer as was my client. Thomas has won every case I have referred to him over the past three decades. He also designs and implements effective performance management systems that prevent or help successfully defend unemployment insurance or related claims. His team is a powerful combination.
~ Kirk Bennett, Attorney at Law ~ 1-801-566-9309


I highly recommend Administrative Trial Advocate, Thomas Cantrell, and his team, to handle your unemployment insurance appeals. For the past thirty years I have referred all of my unemployment insurance cases to them. I do not recall them losing a single one.
A well-handled administrative case is a cost-effective method of developing a strong and accurate pre-litigation case file. Thomas and his team are knowledgeable and skilled in handling administrative hearings. They provide performance management expertise when I represent clients in related matters. Occasionally we work together on good cases they bring to my firm.
~ Vince Rampton, Attorney at Law ~ 1-801-521-3200


I am Lorin Blauer, Attorney at Law. I served twenty-three years as Legal Counsel to the DWS Board of Review, writing decisions and defending those decisions before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. I also served as Administrative Law Judge, pro tem. I have reviewed Thomas Cantrell’s appeal arguments since the early 1980’s. I estimate his win rate in administrative hearings to be 97%.
Thomas is extremely skilled in not only representing cases, but in creating performance management processes that enhance productivity as well help employers successfully defend their employment actions. He is qualified as a subject matter expert witness related to performance management systems, policies and procedures.
At the request of the Department of Workforce Services, Thomas helped me draft unemployment insurance policy handbooks and related legislation for the Senate and House of Representatives. I often confer with him on difficult cases and in designing and delivering arguments in the appellate courts.
He and his team are responsive, efficient, and focused as they helps you win your cases – and prevent similar issues from arising in the future.
~ Lorin Blauer, Senior Legal Counsel, DWS, retired ~ 1-801-292-2959