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Win every unemployment insurance appeal every time.

How can you possibly win every case every time?
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Are Unemployment Insurance (UI) cases worth defending?

Yes! Your benefit cost (increased payroll taxes) on individual cases may not seem significant, at first; however, successful UI claims against you incrementally increase your employment taxes (SUTA and FUTA) and erode your profit margin. These employment taxes become excessive, burdensome – and you wonder how that happened!

In addition, successful claimants often feel encouraged to file other related claims to the employment separation: OSHA complaints; sexual harassment, retaliation, other discrimination complaints, Worker’s Compensation claims; etc.

Well-represented administrative cases don’t just win appeals. According to trial attorney, Vince Rampton, they are a cost-effective way to build strong pre-litigation case files that may prevent/defend legal action in higher courts.

Yes, UI cases are definately worth defending!

What can you do to win?  Call us!

Call us before you take adverse action against an employee.

Even when you are certain you are right, and feel compelled to take immediate action, don’t do it! Call us first! Do not dismiss, demote, suspend without pay, without first contacting us – especially if you are angryCall us! Simply put the individual on “paid administrative leave pending investigation” and call 801-355-2005. You may also email us at We’ll help you sort things out and do what you need to do to avoid a successful UI claim against you.

Let us help you prevent an embarrassing loss and guide you to a winning outcome.