Our team’s vision for you …

          You will win every Unemployment Insurance case every time.

We don’t just win cases – we help you avoid them by…
…fundamentally enhancing the way you and your team deal with conflict.

In the process, we reduce adverse employment actions against you; minimize related collateral cost and legal liability; and maximize productivity and profit.

We help you establish performance management policies and practices that:
● create and sustain a culture of creativity and collaboration during conflict
● identify and resolve issues early on while they are still solvable
● enhance the way you hire, dismiss, train, discipline, inspire, lead, promote
● reward team members who demonstrate a collaborative approach to conflict and defend disciplinary action against employees who won’t
● maintain focus on the team mission, while honoring the personal values, goals talents, interests, experience, and of each team member
● get the best from your teams and help you give your best to them

You are now in position to win every case, every conflict, every time.